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AB, MOSA, Space Travel

AB was the maker of the "Space Travel" cats and myriad other wonderful pieces. Besides his love of traditional hobbies such as old trains and covered bridges, he had a unique interest in otherwise ordinary objects and a particular way of making them special. Objects were encased, mounted, hung, suspended from arches or placed on pedestals. Sometimes there was a precipitating story, but often the surprise of a particular object being chosen at all was the story. Objects were rescued from obscurity and treasured because of a mysterious and unconditional decision to choose and care. There was a thrill about it like the delight in unexpected good fortune.

Besides chosen objects, AB used the most basic materials for creations where the act of realization, not elaborate execution, made the point. A plastic cat chases endlessly scurrying mice into the beckoning safety of a hole; dignified crows settle on branches, oblivious to the equally oblivious kittens smiling below; a parade of skunks marches along together with no other thought than that they are a family; "Space Travel" kittens - MOSA's emblem - are content and secure as they embark on their journey. There is a wonderful sense of untroubled confidence present in the inhabitants of these dreamlike pieces.

AB made very special things, he made ordinary things special, and I suspect for all those friends and family who knew him, AB was very special. I thought so.