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Sen-ti-men-tal - 1. of or characterized by sentiment; showing or affected by emotion rather than reason; 2. sentimental value - value of a thing to a particular person because of its associations.   About MOSA

'Space Travel' (by AB) was chosen to represent the spirit of the Museum of Sentimental Art (MOSA). Its sentiment, whimsy, and imagination exemplify the content chosen for this museum. Personal art such as this can be generated by nostalgia, romantic attachment, fond remembrance, eccentricity, or just an individual's particular turn of mind.

In traditionally defined art, an object is created and its value is subsequently determined by the collective response of a community to the creator's exceptional skill or the object's larger social significance. Traditional museums exhibit the best in categories, examine history and culture, or educate with new ideas.

But a 'sentimental' object, or personal art, has significance to any size group, or perhaps just a single individual. Material and execution are not the point - it's the personal attachment that transforms it and establishes its value. It has a story, as do all the entries in MOSA.

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